Window Cleaning in Palm Desert

When you find yourself looking at the stains on your windows more than the desert views beyond them, it’s time to call Premier Residential Services and ask for their window cleaning service in Palm Desert, CA.

One call is all it takes to transform your windows (and the rest of your home!) from dingy to sparkling. Wherever there is glass in your home, we’ll clean it. Our highly qualified staff of window washers clean picture windows, skylights, solar panels, shower doors, mirrors, and more.

Full-Service Cleaning – Indoors and Out

We don’t stop at making glass invisible again. When we clean your windows and sliding glass doors, we also vacuum dust and debris from the tracks and wash the screens, wipe down the frames, and clean the shutters. If you want to have you blinds dusted, ask us to handle it, and they will be clean when we leave.

While our professional window cleaners are at your home, we can also clean your patio, awnings, and soffits. Barbecue grills and outdoor kitchens will sparkle again. Indoors, we will take on difficult cleaning jobs like ceiling fans, chandeliers, and hard-to-reach cobwebs.

Premier Residential Services is fully licensed and insured and has been providing window washing, home maintenance, and house cleaning services to the Palm Desert community for more than 50 years. Our dedication to customer service begins with arranging cleaning times that work with your schedule.

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Call today to learn how you can join the many Palm Desert residents who trust Premier Residential Services for window cleaning and worry-free property management services: 760-773-4081

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