COVID-19 Assistance

March 23, 2020

We believe in bringing peace-of-mind to ALL Coachella Valley homeowners.

In these unprecedented and unusual times, Premier Residential Services is able to offer you peace-of-mind by looking after your home. Our services are executed by our in-house team of professionals and not by a single person, a group of sub-contractors, or an inexperienced start-up company.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to quickly vacate your home, we have the resources to instantly implement our services and begin caring for your property. We have also expanded and tailored our home management program to meet your specific home watch and home care needs.

We Will Be There for You

You may have experienced stressful thoughts when leaving your home, or while you are home for extended periods of time:

  • Did I remember to turn the water off?
  • Did I leave the oven on?
  • I hope that toilet doesn’t leak again!
  • Who may I call in the middle of the night if my security alarm goes off?
  • How am I going to go grocery shopping?
  • How am I going to pick-up my medication?
  •  I need a deep cleaning or professional home sanitizing service!
  • How will I retrieve or send my mail?

Let Premier Residential Services put your mind at ease. Below are four Home Management programs you may select from, starting at only $99.00. In our over 60 years of service, we have never required agreements or contracts from our clients. Instead we have offered membership flexibility and let our reputable service support long-term partnerships.

To learn more about these services, or if you are looking for other services not listed here, please call us at 760-239-9495 or simply complete the contact us form.