Solar Panel Cleaning Service & Inspection

Premier Residential Services now offers solar panel cleaning service and regular system checks to ensure your solar panel system is performing at its best.

Solar panels are sophisticated and expensive pieces of equipment that need to be kept clean in order to perform optimally.


Clean solar panels will last longer and perform better.

Keeping solar panels clean is especially an issue in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area. Desert sand, dust particles, and moisture combine and create a film on the panel surface, which hinders panel performance. When properly cleaned and maintained, solar panels will produce energy more efficiently.

Sometimes panels need a weekly cleaning, while some can go for a month in between cleanings. Either way, it is important to have your solar panels cleaned on a regular schedule that suits your situation.

Inverter Monitoring While You Are Away

In addition to the panels themselves, the inverter display (control box) is another component that requires attention on a regular basis. Monitoring the solar panel inverter is especially important any time your home is left vacant for an extended period of time, such as during the off-season summer months.

Is the green light off or flashing?

On most inverter displays, when the green light is off or flashing there most likely is an issue that will require a professional to investigate and resolve. During each panel washing visit, a member of our professional cleaning staff will check the inverter display to ensure that the solar panel system is operating properly. If an issue is uncovered, we will notify you immediately and work directly with you and your vendor to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

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