Thanksgiving Reminders

November 15, 2011

The unreasonable weather in other parts of the country makes our weather and vistas in the Coachella Valley particularly attractive. The winter grass and newly planted flowers are flourishing, which further compliments Mother Nature’s palette.

As a reminder, the Riverside County real estate tax payments are due and payable by December 10th. Also, remember to adjust your landscape light clocks to account for the time change.

We are pleased to offer a few suggestions for your consideration.

  1. Heating and Air Conditioning System Service – Now that temperatures have moderated, if you have not arranged to have your units serviced, this is an optimal time of year to schedule service to insure that your units run efficiently this winter. Our service includes either replacing or cleaning the filters; checking the blower belts and bearings, as well as the wiring contacts and condensate lines; the condenser areas will be cleaned, the duct/plenum connections will be checked as will the ambient temperature and plenum temperature and the coils will be vacuumed and cleaned of accumulated debris.
  2. Clothes Dryer Vents  – Clothes dryers start more residential fires than any other appliance. It is extremely important to periodically clean the built-up lint from the entire exhaust system (vent hoses, machine vent housing and the external exhaust cover) not just from the machine screen. If you have not had the vents cleaned recently, now is an excellent time to arrange this service.
  3. Automobile Replacement Batteries – The desert summer temperatures take their toll on automobile batteries. If your vehicle battery is more than 3 ½ years old, you may want to avoid possible battery failure by replacing your existing battery. We can purchase and install a new battery for most vehicles.
  4. Thanksgiving Day Help – Premier Residential Services is pleased to offer housekeeping help on Thanksgiving Day to assist in serving and cleaning up after your holiday gathering. If you wish to have one of our staff assist in your home, please contact the office to schedule service and confirm cost (minimum costs apply).

The Premier Residential Service’s management and staff wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.