New and Useful Services for Your Home

June 1, 2012

We endeavor to make our clients aware of new and useful services, as well as the latest technology innovations that can enhance your desert home experience. We are pleased to provide several product suggestions to achieve that goal.

  1. Shaw Canadian Television Link – Now our Canadian Clients can have a Shaw Direct Satellite Dish installed in their desert homes, enabling them to receive Shaw “Home Away from Home” broadcasts.
  2. Desert Home Cell Reception – There is a remedy for poor cell reception in your home. One of our preferred vendors is now able to boost the cell phone signal coverage for your home in the Coachella Valley by creating an “Indoor Cell Zone.”
  3. Portable Outdoor Speaker System – One of our audio vendors is offering a wireless Soundcast outdoor loudspeaker(s) system for your patio or pool area. The speaker is compatible with iPod/iPhone and other Apple® based music libraries.
  4. LED White or Multicolor Lighting Tape – One of our electrical vendors is able to install ¼ inch wide flexible ribbon/strip-tape with affixed LEDs capable of full spectrum colors or white light only. Possible uses include under cabinet and interior cabinet lighting, display lighting, under-counter accent lighting, niche-highlighting, backlighting: flat screen TV and artwork.
  5. Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning – It is recommended to periodically clean out the built up lint from the entire clothes dryer exhaust system (vent hoses, machine vent housing and the external exhaust cover). The Fire Marshall warns us that clothes dryers start more residential fires than any other appliance.
  6. Washing Machine Water Hose Replacement – Laundry equipment manufacturers recommend that hot and cold rubber water hoses along with the gaskets on your washing machines be replaced every 18 months due to the extreme desert heat and constant fluctuations in water pressure, which can cause water related damage to your home. We recommend replacing the rubber hoses with the metal braided style and installing a new set of easy-to-use hot and cold water line shut off valves as necessary.

Please call our office for pricing, installation or further information regarding these suggestions or to request assistance with any other home project that you would like to accomplish this summer at 760-773-4081.