Local Activities and Events Worth Checking Out

January 6, 2015

Now that “season” has begun, in addition to many new dining venues, the Coachella Valley offers many activities, events and opportunities to try something new. This year is the final year of the Humana Challenge Golf Tournament and possibly the companion Clinton Foundation Healthcare Initiative.

In addition, several of the areas cities and clubs sponsor “Speakers Series” that bring a diverse offering of individuals who will discuss timely topics, books and national issues. There is always an entertaining calendar of McCallum Theater performances, the polo season and Desert Circuit Horse Show, Southwest Arts Festival and many other tempting activities. Our New Year’s suggestion is to try something new this year.

We are pleased to provide several service and maintenance suggestions.

Weather Strip Replacement
The recent bout of below average temperatures should remind you that heat loss through openings and cracks can be costly. Premier Residential Services can replace or install energy saving weather stripping, as well as caulk around doors and windows. In addition, the weather stripping on garage and golf cart doors can be replaced. These small steps can not only save on energy consumption but also cut down on the dust and sand that seems to always be present.

Earthquake Proofing
We live in an earthquake prone area. As a reminder, there are precautions that can be taken to mitigate damage should an event occur. Premier Residential Services can arrange or install cabinet safety latches and gas line shut-off valves; apply museum putty to secure display breakables and valuables pottery, decorative glass, vases, statues or figurines); create a Valuables Digital Image Record Inventory; and check water heater Earthquake Straps to insure proper installation.

Hot Water Tank Service
If you have not had your hot water tank(s) drained and flushed now is an opportune time to schedule service. Regular periodic service not only can extend the life of the tank(s), but also allow the unit to operate more efficiently saving money and energy. If your service cabinet platform is in need of repair or replacement we can also assist with that task.

Address & Landscape Light Repair/Cleaning
If your address lights, garage lights, or landscape lights have burnt out bulbs, require replacement photo cell sensors or if the landscape lenses are covered by a thick film from hard water deposits created by the sprinklers, we can clean or replace the lights for you. We can also perform landscape light and sprinkler system checks.

Please call our office to arrange for these and other related property services to make this New Year pleasant and enjoyable for you.