Watch for Us on KMIR Channel 6

February 25, 2011

Premier Residential Services has recently gone “live” with this new updated web site. Please have a look and let us know what you think. In addition, Premier Residential Services has begun to advertise our menu of services on television station KMIR, local channel 6. We would love to hear your opinion of our three commercials. You might even recognize some familiar faces.

There is a new California Law (SB 183) that requires all existing residences to install Carbon Monoxide Detectors effective July 1, 2011. There are two main types of detectors: stand-alone battery-operated units, and monitored units that could be tied in to a home security system. It is recommended that CO detector alarms “should be installed in a central location outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home.” Premier Residential Services is researching manufacturers and models. At your request, Premier Residential Services will purchase and install CO detectors in your residence. Contact the office to obtain more information and to schedule installation.

This month’s service suggestions are:

  1. Golf Cart Battery Replacement – Recently several of our clients’ golf cart batteries have failed. If your golf cart batteries are several years old, and you would like to have Premier Residential Services purchase and install new replacements, please contact the office with your request.
  2. Grab Bars / Safety Rails – Premier Residential Services can install grab bars or safety rails on the walls of your bath tubs, showers or other bathroom areas that may need safety enhancements to insure safe mobility.
  3. Decorative Pot Refurbishment – If you have indoor or outdoor patio, decorative planter pots may have become discolored or stained from lime scale or hard water buildup. We can help restore and rehabilitate them. Call for a service appointment.
  4. BBQ Grill Starter – Many BBQ grills come with an ignition system. The system uses a battery to create the spark that ignites the burners. If you are having difficulty starting your grill, Premier Residential Services can replace the igniter battery(s) and at the same time clean your grill and cooking racks so that they are fresh and clean. Call us to arrange for service.