Excessive Water Use Penalties Have Begun

August 5, 2015

The various valley water districts with their July bills have begun to assess penalties for “excessive water use” as mandated by Governor Brown. Please be prepared for this new charge and as an advisory the water districts do not seem to be sympathetic to customer inquiries about the penalty charge.

One option in reducing water consumption is to convert turf grass to desertscape with desert tolerant plants. Another alternative could be artificial grass. If you have questions about either option, please contact our office.

Keep Gutters & Drains Clear

The temperatures and humidity have been high in July, and August is typically more humid as well. This weather pattern often causes late day thunderstorms that can bring a significant amount of rain that falls quickly. Therefore, we highly recommend that you have Premier Residential Services clean your roof, gutters, and downspouts to ensure that accumulated water drains properly.

As we do in each of our monthly letters, I am pleased to offer several timely service suggestions for your consideration.

Timely Services To Consider

Bedspread & Duvet Cover Cleaning. Now is an ideal time to have your bedspreads, duvet covers, mattress covers and blankets dry cleaned or laundered. Premier Residential Services will arrange for cleaning and insure that items are placed in plastic bags so that they will be ready for use when needed.

Aerator, Shower head, and Faucet Cleaning. The high mineral content of the valley’s water supply is the reason why sinks, faucets, shower heads and mister system nozzles become clogged which often impedes the water flow and the discoloring of the hardware. Our maintenance department can clean the screens, as well as remove the built up mineral deposits from these items resulting in the fixtures that look and act as new.

Vehicle and Golf Car Batteries. Extreme weather conditions in the valley often result in a limited life span for vehicle and golf cart batteries and can cause rapid build up of corrosion on the battery terminals and cables. Distributors have informed us that if a battery is 4-6 years old the likelihood is that it will begin to fail and/or not be able to hold a charge. Premier Residential Services can replace the 6 or 8 volt batteries for you, as well as clean the terminals of built up corrosion and replace connector cables if needed. Any golf cart that operates with a 12-volt system requires replacement from the distributor.

Contact the office if you feel that your golf car requires battery replacement and Premier Residential Services will have it ready for your return in the fall.