Energy Efficient Tips for Your Desert Home

July 10, 2017


8 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Usage This Summer

During the warm summer months, you are likely to see a drastic increase in your home’s energy costs. The high heat can make your HVAC system work harder to keep it cooler; this demand creates greater stress on the Coachella Valley’s utility grid. One way to keep your energy costs low and limit the stress on the power grid is to reduce your energy use during the summer. By following these energy-efficiency tips, you can reduce energy costs, lessen your impact on the environment and grid, and keep your home comfortable all season long.

  • Reduce peak time energy usage. During peak hours (11 am – 6 pm), the demand for energy is greatly increased. Hold off on running energy-demanding appliances – like a washer, dryer, or dishwasher – until off-peak hours.
  • Properly set your thermostat. Programming your AC to a consistent temperature can cut energy costs and keep you comfortable at the same time. Set your thermostat to 78° when you are home, and 85° when you are away.
  • Have your HVAC system regularly maintained. This includes changing air filters, checking ducting and vents, and making sure your AC system is functioning properly. If your climate system is over 10 years old, you may consider upgrading to a newer high-efficiency unity which will reduce your energy costs further.
  • Seal your home. Sealing up gaps along your ducts, doors, and windows will keep your cooled air in your home, reducing energy use and improving comfort.
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. Compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs) and LED bulbs last years longer and use a fraction of the amount of electricity as traditional lights. Installing dimmer switches can also help you reduce energy use.
  • Install shades, blinds, or awnings. Sun shades and awnings can block the sun’s rays from baking your windows and heating your home. Blinds or solar window screens provide the same shade advantage, but without adding an awning to your home’s exterior.
  • Upgrade your pool pump. Variable speed pool pumps are more energy efficient than single-speed pumps. Adding a pool cover and scheduling automatic pool cleanings can also minimize energy usage.
  • Add automated controls to your outdoor lighting systems. Programmable and photo cell lighting controls can turn your outdoor lights and landscape lighting on and off when you want them.

If you have any questions about these steps, or would like one of our experienced maintenance staff to make these changes for you, give us a call at 760-773-4081.