Cold Temperatures Hit the Coachella Valley

December 4, 2011

We are sure that if you are a Coachella Valley resident, you have had to use your furnace over the past week. The high Santa Ana winds, coupled with the drop in temperatures, have made it uncomfortable enough to turn up the thermostat to warm your home. If you have not changed your furnace filters, now is a good time to do so. We also want to remind you that if you have not had your roof, downspouts and gutters cleaned of accumulated debris, this preventive measure can save you from future headaches caused by rain-water related problems.

As a reminder, the Premier Residential Service’s offices will be closed on Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2.

We are pleased to offer four service suggestions for your consideration this month:

  1. Running Toilets – It has been noted that a number of clients have had issues with their toilets. Premier Residential Services can replace the float valves and flappers to stop the toilets from running. At the same time, the feed lines can be replaced with braided wire hose to mitigate the possibility of a future leak problem. Please contact the office to schedule the service.
  2.  Grout Replacement & Drain Cleanout – If the showers, tubs or sinks in your home have developed cracks or need the grout replaced in and around the tiles, Premier Residential Services can help. If you notice that the water is draining too slowly from sinks, tubs or showers, the drains should be cleaned out.  In addition, if any of the shower pans might have developed a leak, these too can be replaced.
  3. Weather Strip Replacement – Heat or cooling loss through openings and cracks can be costly. Premier Residential Services can replace or install energy-saving weather stripping, as well as caulk around doors and windows. In addition, the weather stripping on garage and golf cart doors can be replaced. These small steps can not only save on energy consumption but also cut down on the dust and sand that seems to always be present.
  4. Holiday Help – If you would like help to assist in serving or cleaning up during and after a holiday gathering, Christmas Dinner or a New Year’s Party, Premier Residential Services does have members of our staff who are available to help in clients’ homes. Contact the office at (760) 773-4081 for details and scheduling.

The management and staff of Premier Residential Services would like to extend to you our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season and healthy New Year.