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Listening to our clients and learning from what they share with us is an important part of how we conduct, improve, and grow our business.

The entire Premier Residential Services team is dedicated to simply providing the best in residential, concierge, and commercial services.

Below are comments from clients in the Coachella Valley regarding our staff and services.

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The staff have always been attentive, honest, reliable, knowledgeable

My wife and I live in New York City, but have owned our house in Palm Springs since 2007, when we purchased it to be closer to our children who live in Los Angeles. We do not rent it out, since it’s a perfect get-away for any of our kids and their friends throughout the year. I would estimate that we visit at least four times a year, for durations of between one and four weeks. Summer heat tends to discourage visits!

When we first purchased our house, we hired a local person recommended to us, to look after the house. After about a year or so, it became problematic mostly due to her unreliability and availability. We then sought a professional organization to oversee and manage the house, interviewed a few and settled on Premier. We have been very happy with their service ever since.

Generally, the Premier Concierge checks on the house once a week, housekeeping cleans it thoroughly usually just before we return and again after we depart… and whenever guests or our children use the house. Premier is very accessible from NY via phone or email. They assigned an Account Supervisor to our house and she became our Point Person. She liaisons with our pool maintenance people and our landscaping/gardeners constantly. Both vendors were recommended and hired via Premier. The pool people bill us through Premier; the landscapers bill us directly. Any other repairs are billed often through Premier, who is glad to oversee and supervise any work on site, plumbing, carpentry, painting, AC, etc., either through vendors or their own handyman. Our security alarm system is set up to notify a central command office whose first response is to Premier. Premier bills us on a monthly basis.

Essentially, what we were looking for was to have eyes on the ground in our stead, when we were not there… to check constantly and report back to us, and be readily available for advice and services, to make our life and our coming and going easy, and to maintain the house based on their extensive experience with houses and home owners in the desert. They even stock our fridge just before we arrive!

Occasionally there’s a learning curve, if Premier has to replace or reassign an Account Supervisor – we then have to reorient her to what our pet peeves are, our needs and expectations, and she makes note of them as she becomes used to our particular demands — but that always works out fine in the long run. Premier will even take pictures of conditions that arise, if you ask them to!

Steve Ezer and his staff have always been attentive, honest, reliable, knowledgeable. Those occasional times when we’ve had a minor complaint have been met with immediate service and rectification. The relationship between home owner and Premier has, like everything else in life, been a cultivated one and because of their receptivity and willingness to provide excellence, has resulted, over seven or eight years, in an extremely satisfying ongoing service. I’m sure they have had extensive experience with condo owners, Boards, maintenance staff and will be very helpful in creating an interface between them and you, if that is also what you seek.

My wife and I recommend them without hesitation.
Leonard and Carol

Everything is great

Jesse was great in performing the weekly inspections, which is how you have taken care of everything. Lety has done a wonderful job in caring for our home. Everything is great.
Arthur B.

Premier is lucky to have staff like him

Juan picked us up and looked after us very well. He is a great guy, Premier is lucky to have staff like him.
Rick I.

Great job!

Trish, Thank you. You do such a great job!
Phyllis L.

Lety Pena has been great to work with

Just a quick word that Lety Pena has been great to work with. Fast replies and ‘gets’ the issues. Thanks.
Robert C.

Laurie has been a gem of consistency and reliability

Premier has set the standard for property management in the desert. We’ve been using them for over two years for everything from weekly checks on our home when we are not present, to cleaning and managing between rental guests, to handy-man fixes on leaky faucets to moody appliances. They’ve helped us manage everything from furniture deliveries to new HVAC bid collection and installation. Our representative Laurie, has been a gem of consistency and reliability. We highly recommend Premier for whatever your property management needs are.
Michael L.

Excellent service

Thanks for all of your excellent service throughout the season.
Ronald K.


Thank you for being so efficient!
Don S.

You are fantastic

Nina is a superstar. You process everything so great. You are fantastic.

Excellent work

Could we please request Alejandra be one of the housekeepers to clean and close our home? She not only does excellent work, but knows how we like things.
Justin W.

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