House Cleaning in Palm Desert

Premier Residential Services is a well-known name for house cleaning in Palm Desert, with a strong reputation for serving many of the city’s 50,000 year-round residents and vacation home owners.

Palm Desert is ranked as one of the safest cities in southern California. Its residents enjoy an ideal lifestyle, especially in the winter, when they are free to enjoy what the area has to offer instead of being distracted with mundane and troublesome home-owner responsibilities.

Finding dependable workers that you trust in your home is crucial. This is especially true for house cleaning services, where workers have access to your home and possessions. That is why so many area residents rely on Premier Residential Services’ extensively trained and vetted staff for housekeeping services in Palm Desert.

Relax and Let Us Do the Work

Your time in Palm Desert should be dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment, not cleaning bathrooms, washing and folding laundry, scrubbing floors, or dusting furniture — tasks that are better left to maid service from a company that also offers window cleaning and a handyman service for maintenance and repairs. Your life in Palm Desert should be centered around things that bring meaning to your life, without having the stress of managing and maintaining your property.

Our highly trained cleaning staff pay close attention to the details and go the extra mile when cleaning. In the kitchen, for example, appliances are wiped down, sinks are scrubbed, cabinets are cleaned, baseboards and window sills are wiped down, and floors are vacuumed and then scrubbed by hand. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best for our customers, and we believe that it shows through in our work.

When our clients have been away from Palm Desert for a while and plan to return, they can call us in advance and arrive at a home that’s clean and ready. Premier Residential Services can close your home so it is prepared for an extended absence, open it again when you return, and keep it clean and maintained while you are away.

The Local Choice for House Cleaning in Palm Desert

Property Managers and Cleaning Companies We are a fully insured house cleaning services company with a stellar 50-year track record in Palm Desert. In addition to cleaning services, we also offer other valuable services to our clients in Palm Desert:

  • Maid service
  • Housekeeping
  • Vacation home services
  • House cleaning services
  • Residential property management
  • Concierge services
  • Home watch
  • Window cleaning
  • Handyman services

Learn More About Our Cleaning Services

Please call us at 760-773-4081, or simply complete the form on this page, to learn more about our house cleaning services or to request free in-home consultation.

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