Welcome Back to the Coachella Valley!

September 8, 2011

The Premier Residential Service’s staff is preparing to welcome back those clients who spend the summer months away from the Coachella Valley. In order for us to prepare your home in the manner that you have come to expect, we need your help. If you’re a current client, please contact us to request a Home Opening checklist. The checklist also serves as a helpful reminder for those that do not close up their residence of the important services that should be scheduled on a regular basis to ensure that basic home operating systems of the house are well maintained and performing at peak efficiency.

We at Premier Residential Services want your residence to be fully prepared and operational upon your return. It is extremely important that you advise us of your plans and anticipated date to return to the Coachella Valley.

This month we have several home opening service tips for you to consider. Please call our office for an estimate or to arrange for service.

  1. Drapery and Blind Cleaning – If you would like to have your window treatments cleaned, Premier Residential Services can arrange for the cleaning to be done on-site at your home.  Our vendor partner’s service vehicle contains all the necessary equipment to clean your drapes, valances, cornice boxes and all types of blinds, including Hunter Douglas products. The cleaning system is safe for all types of fabrics, including silks and blackout lined drapes. All drapes are taken down and dry cleaned, then they are then professionally re-hung with any minor repairs completed prior to re-hanging on the same day.
  2. Carpet & Upholstered Furniture Cleaning – Let us know if you would like to have either service scheduled or are interested in an estimate for cleaning prior to your arrival. The warm weather provides for faster and more thorough drying.
  3. Artificial Plant & Tree Cleaning – Premier Residential Services can arrange to have your artificial decorative plants and trees cleaned so that they once again look fresh and vibrant.
  4. Vehicle and Golf Cart Service – If you have a vehicle or golf cart at your desert residence, now is a good time to have it serviced prior to your return for the season. Let us know what services you would like performed, and we will arrange to have your instructions carried out.
  5. Pool/Spa/Fountain Cleaning – Prior to your return is an ideal time to schedule cleaning (acid wash/ tile cleaning) service for your pool, spa or fountain to remove built up mineral/salt deposits. Your pool can be drained, repairs and maintenance can be performed, and the pool can be filled again.