Preventing Kitchen Drain Clogs on Thanksgiving

November 1, 2012

As a reminder, the Riverside County real estate tax payments are due and payable by December 10, 2012. Also, remember to adjust your landscape light clocks to account for the most recent daylight savings time change.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, you can help to prevent “day after” clogged kitchen drain plumbing issues by following these simple clean up tips

  1. Use and dispose of paper towels in your trash, to absorb excess cooking grease and fat.
  2. Avoid using your garbage disposal to grind stringy fibrous or starchy waste (including poultry skin, potato peels, egg shells and celery stalks).

Please remember, if your smoke detector is older (more than 4-5 years) it should be replaced to insure peak operating efficiency. We’re pleased to offer a few suggestions for your consideration. Please contact our office to schedule services and confirm costs (by calling 760-773-4081 or online here).

  1. Heating & Air Conditioning System Service Now that temperatures have moderated, this is an optimal time of year to schedule service to insure that your units run efficiently this winter. To maintain efficiency and reduce energy demands, we can clean/replace filters; check blower belts, temperatures, ducts and plenum connections; and clean condensate lines and condenser areas.
  2. Clothes Dryer Vents Clothes dryers start more residential fires than any other appliance. It is extremely important to periodically clean the built up lint from the entire exhaust system. If you have not had the vents cleaned recently, now is an excellent time to arrange this service.
  3. General Maintenance Services – Squeaky hinges, loose handles, problem light switches and GFI outlets, broken or inoperative door bell buttons and broken or troublesome shutter and shade slats/veins are a few annoying issues we can help correct.
  4. Thanksgiving Day Assistance – Premier Residential Services can arrange to provide housekeeping help on Thanksgiving Day to assist in serving and cleaning up after your holiday gathering.

In response to increased costs for equipment and supplies, Premier Residential Services will be making a modest price increase for Full Service housekeeping clients. This increase will become effective January 1, 2013.

Our management and staff wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.