February Rain Brings Desert Blooms in March

March 7, 2011

This season “Mother Nature” has provided a significant amount of rain. The wet weather should make the desert bloom with wildflowers shortly. If you have not been privileged to see Mother Nature’s pallet of colors, do not miss the opportunity to do so.

Following are several service suggestions for your consideration.

  1. Air Conditioning Service – If you have not had a recent A/C service on the units in your home, it is advised that now is an optimal time to schedule the service to insure that your units run efficiently. The service includes either replacing or cleaning the filters; checking the blower belts and bearings, as well as the wiring contacts and condensate lines; the condenser areas will be cleaned, the duct/plenum connections will be checked as will the ambient temperature and plenum temperature; the coils will be vacuumed and cleaned of accumulated debris.
  2. Screen Repair & Replacement – If your door or window screens have cuts/excessive wear & tears in the screen material or seem to have rollers that are either broken, frozen or will not slide easily, the solution is to replace the screen material and rollers. We can also order replacements for frames that are bent, warped or broken.
  3. Window Washing and Patio Cleaning – As a result of the winter rains and high winds your windows may have become water spotted and dusty. We can wash the exterior view windows and clean your patio so you can enjoy the all that the desert has to offer. Call to schedule your home. (Read more about Window Washing and Patio Cleaning…)
  4. Daylight Savings Time Change – The daylight savings time change this year is March 13th. Landscape lights and pool pump timers should be adjusted for the time change. This is also the time to have Premier Residential Service’s maintenance department replace smoke detector batteries to assure proper operation of the smoke detectors. Premier Residential Services, at the same time can replace burnt out light bulbs both inside and outside the residence, as well as to check the outdoor photocells for proper operation.
  5. Wall Repairs & Painting – If the walls or wallpaper in your home have suffered water damage or are the victim of bothersome dents, dings, gouges or cracks, Premier Residential Services can make repairs to the dry wall and texture the finish to match so that the touch up painting will make the damage invisible. We can also attempt to repair or recommend replacement of your wallpaper. Call the office to schedule the work or an estimate.

Hot Tips for Snowbirds

Premier Residential Services is offering some valuable tips to part-time homeowners to help protect their empty home during their absence.

Homes should not be left unattended for a long period of time without properly conducted routine inspections to look for problems typical to the desert climate. Examples of issues that may occur include water related problems, insect and termite infestation or earthquake damage.

A few precautions that homeowners can take are:

  • Unplug Electronics and make sure surge protectors are properly functioning.
  • Earthquake proof your home and move valuables to a secure location.
  • Cancel newspaper and mail delivery.
  • Confirm landscape and pool/spa service vendor schedules.

For other tips and to arrange for weekly inspections, please contact Premier Residential Services.