A Mild June in California’s Coachella Valley

June 6, 2011

Once again May was especially windy, the temperatures have been quite moderate and are running in the below normal range which made the month delightful. Although the beginning of June has continued the same trend and even given us a mild earthquake this past weekend, we shall see what else Mother Nature has in store for the Coachella Valley for the balance of this month.

Here are home maintenance tasks and services to consider this month.

  1. Whole Home Circuit Surge-Protectors – As more sophisticated electronics are installed in homes and we continue to be subject to the potential of brown-outs and power failures, it becomes advisable to consider adding Whole Home Circuit Surge Protection. The units are installed at the service entrance panel site(s). Depending upon manufacturer, they come with a high dollar value warranty for connected equipment should there be a problem. Contact our office and we will obtain a proposal from one of our electrical vendor partners.
  2. Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning – It is recommended to periodically clean out the built-up lint from the entire clothes dryer exhaust system (vent hoses, machine vent housing and the external exhaust cover). The Fire Marshall warns us that clothes dryers start more residential fires than any other appliance.
  3. Grout Repair – The grout in your tile floors as well as in and around showers, tubs and sinks will develop cracks or have pieces become loose or fall out. Now is a good time to have repairs made or to re-grout the areas requiring work to allow the grouted surfaces to dry completely.
  4. Mechanical System Checks – As time permits this summer, Premier Residential Services is once again offering to have our maintenance department conduct a complimentary maintenance check of the operating systems in your home. The maintenance staff will check all the systems and make a list of any issues or problems for you to consider. Please call for more information or to schedule service.
  5. Washing Machine Water Hose Replacement – Laundry equipment manufacturers recommend that hot and cold rubber water hoses, along with the gaskets, on your washing machines be replaced every 18 months. The rubber hoses and gaskets can become brittle and subsequently crack in our desert climate or can bulge and split from the constant fluctuations in water pressure, causing water-related damage to your home. We recommend replacing the rubber hoses with the metal braided style which can provide greater strength and reliability. If needed, we can also install a new set of easy to use hot & cold water line shutoff valves.