New Year Maintenance Worth Considering

January 1, 2013

The Desert Sun has recently featured a variety of articles about small and large scale solar power generation units. Solar energy currently provides only a quarter of 1 percent of the planet’s supply of electricity, but according to a recent article in The Economist, “the industry is growing at staggering speed. Underlying this growth is a phenomenon that solar’s supporters call Swanson’s law, in imitation of Moore’s law of transistor cost. Moore’s law suggests that the size (and also their cost) halves every 18 months or so. Swanson’s law, named after Richard Swanson, the founder of SunPower, a big solar-cell manufacturer, suggests that the cost of the photovoltaic cells needed to generate solar power falls by 20% with each doubling of global manufacturing capacity. The upshot is that the modules used to make solar-power plants now cost less than a dollar per watt of capacity.” There have been a growing number of Coachella Valley home owners who have installed small scale units. Perhaps it might be worth consideration for your home.

We are pleased to provide the following New Year maintenance suggestions:

  1. Earthquake Proofing – We live in an earthquake prone area. As a reminder, there are precautions that can be taken to mitigate damage, should an event occur. Premier Residential Services can install cabinet safety latches and gas line shut-off valves; apply museum putty to secure display breakables and valuables (pottery, decorative glass, vases, statues or figurines); create a Valuables Digital Image Record Inventory; and check water heater Earthquake Straps to insure proper installation.
  2. Hot Water Tank Service – If you have not had your hot water tank(s) drained and flushed, now is an opportune time to schedule service. Regular periodic service not only can extend the life of the tank(s), but also allow the unit to operate more efficiently – saving money and energy. If your service cabinet platform is in need of repair or replacement, we can also assist with that task.
  3. Bird Related Problems – If your residence seems to be attracting birds, and they are becoming a nuisance with nesting materials and other unsightly debris, we can install spikes along the roof line edge of the overhangs, as well as on the surfaces of your chimney(s)to discourage the birds from nesting. We can also power wash any areas around your home, including driveways.
  4. Address & Landscape Light Repair/Cleaning – If your address lights, garage lights or landscape lights have burnt out bulbs, require replacement photo cell sensors or if the landscape lenses are covered by a thick film from hard water deposits created by the sprinklers, we can clean or replace the lights for you. We can also perform landscape light and sprinkler system checks.

Please call our office at 760-773-4081 to arrange for these and other related property and personal services to make this year pleasant and enjoyable for you.