Important New Year Maintenance Reminders

January 26, 2012

As the New Year begins, the Coachella Valley is enjoying higher than normal temperatures (in the 80s), unlike the rest of the country, which has experienced a severe cold snap accompanied by debilitating ice and snow storms.

As a reminder, if your golf cart batteries are more than four years old, it is highly recommended that the batteries be replaced to avoid future problems.

In addition, we are pleased to provide these four New Year maintenance suggestions:

  1. Bird-Related Problems – If your residence seems to be attracting birds and they are becoming a nuisance with nesting materials and other unsightly debris, Premier Residential Services can install spikes along the roof-line edge of the overhangs as well as on the surfaces of your chimney(s) to discourage the birds from nesting. We can also power wash any affected areas around your home, including driveways.
  2. Hot Water Tank Service – If you have not had your hot water tank(s) drained and flushed, now is an opportune time to schedule service. Regular periodic service not only can extend the life of the tank(s) but also will allow the unit to operate more efficiently, saving money and energy. If your service cabinet platform is in need of repair or replacement, we can also assist with that task.
  3. Maintenance and Repair Services – Is the water flow from your shower heads, faucets, and aerators weak? Do your sinks, shower drains or bathtubs drain very slowly? Do you have an annoying drippy faucet or a toilet that seems not to fill properly? Would you like to have weatherstripping installed to prevent drafts and heat loss? Do you need light bulbs replaced in difficult-to-reach areas? Does your cabinet drawer not close properly, or is your doorbell button broken? Are the screen door rollers and latches no longer in good working order? Does the built-up lint in your laundry dryer exhaust system need to be cleaned out? If so, our expert maintenance specialists can make these and all the other nagging little household problems go away.
  4. Address Sign and Landscape Light Repair/Cleaning – If your address lights, garage lights or landscape lights have burnt-out bulbs or require replacement photocell sensors, or if the landscape lenses are covered by a thick film from hard water deposits created by sprinklers, We can clean the lights for you or, if the lenses are beyond cleaning, replace them to provide better illumination throughout your property. We can also perform landscape light and sprinkler system checks.

Please call our office (760-773-4081) to arrange for these and other related property and personal services to make this year pleasant and enjoyable for you.