Warmer Weather Is on the Way

January 1, 2011

You might remember that last month we mentioned that it was cold. Well, the moderate temperatures have not yet arrived. Once again there was a significant rain event in December to go along with the colder than usual temperatures. However, as we begin January, the forecast is a bit better than the rest of the country with temperatures set to climb into the more normal range of the middle 60s. As a reminder, if you have not had your furnace filters replaced or cleaned and if your roof, downspouts, gutters and drains have not been cleaned out, it is not too late to do so. We will have more wet and cold weather. We are pleased to provide the following additional maintenance suggestions.

  1. Hot Water Tank Service – If you have not had your water heater tank drained and flushed, now is the right time to schedule service. Servings your water heater regularly can not only extend the life of the appliance but also allow the it to operate more efficiently, lowering your energy costs.
  2. Maintenance and Repair Services – Is the water flow from your showerheads, faucets and aerators weak? Do your sinks, shower drains or bathtubs drain very slowly? Would you like to have weather stripping installed to prevent drafts and heat loss? Do you have an annoying drippy faucet or toilet that seems not to fill properly? Do you need light bulbs replaced in difficult to reach high ceilings? Does your cabinet drawer not close properly? Are the screen door rollers and latches in good working order? Does the built up lint in your laundry dryer exhaust system need to be cleaned out? Call the Premier Residential Service’s office to schedule our expert maintenance specialists to make these and all the other nagging little household problems just go away.
  3. Address Light and Landscape Light Repair/Cleaning – If your address sign lights, garage lights or landscape lights have light bulbs that are burnt out or photocell sensors in need of repair, or if your landscape light lenses are covered by a thick film from hard water deposits created by the sprinklers, Premier Residential Services can replace the bulbs or photocells and clean the lights for you. If the lenses are beyond cleaning, we can replace them to provide better illumination throughout your property. Please contact the office to schedule a cleaning.