Inspections for Older Swimming Pools

April 8, 2016

As you may have recently heard both in the Desert Sun and on local television news reports, there was an unfortunate swimming pool electrocution accident this past week in Palm Springs. A Northern California resident was killed and several children were hospitalized for severe electrical shock.

If you have an older pool that you would like inspected by a licensed electrical contractor, we have made arrangements with one of our electrical contractors to do an inspection for $95.

The contractor will inspect the pool/hot tub/spa equipment for electrical connectivity, appropriate wire grounding, and GFI protection, as well as underwater pool lighting. If improvements are required, the inspection fee will be waived by the contractor and you will only be charged for the repair work.

Call us at 760-773-4081 to arrange for an inspection.

Home Closing Services

If you have not done so, please let us know when you plan to depart the valley for the summer.

Please take a moment to review the Home Closing Form and then check off items that you would like us to do to close your home for the summer. In addition, please let us know of any changes that have been made (new alarm or alarm monitoring service; new water shut-off system; vehicle or golf cart changes) in regards to your home.

Summer Home Watch

Premier Residential Services offers a Summer Home Watch Program that provides inspections to homes during the summer time period only. If you have neighbors, friends, or family members who have homes in the Coachella Valley who may not be aware that we can provide home watch services during their absence, please recommend us to them and ask that they contact us at 760-773-4081 for information about our services.

Service suggestions for your consideration:

Misting System Annual Service. Like most mechanical systems, to obtain peak performance, it is always wise to perform a yearly preventive maintenance service before the summer heat arrives. Service will include cleaning all nozzles; replace pump oil and filters; flush and drain the system of residual water; and thoroughly inspect the system. We can also arrange to provide a proposal for the installation of a new system.

General Maintenance Services. The high mineral content of the desert’s water supply not only creates a cloudy look to the glass in your bathrooms, but also creates maintenance issues throughout your home. Faucets, shower heads and aerators can become clogged and discolored, which can restrict water flow and pressure. Premier Residential Services can remove the hard water stains from your glass, as well as, clean mineral deposits from fixtures and aerators to increase the water flow. In addition, it is a good time to drain and flush your hot water tank(s). Premier Residential Services can also lubricate door hinges to mitigate squeaking. Let us know if your toilet(s) could benefit from a new flapper or fill system to stop the constant sound of the tank filling with water.

Air Conditioning System Service. If you have not scheduled HVAC services, this is an optimal time of year to schedule service to ensure that your units run efficiently this spring and summer. Premier Residential Services will clean/replace filters, check blower belts, temperatures, ducts and plenum connections, and clean condensate lines and condenser areas.