Important Reminders as Fall Approaches

October 7, 2016

Important Reminder

If you have not yet completed and returned your Season Home Opening instruction form, it is extremely important that you do so no less than 3 weeks prior to your anticipated return to the desert. This will give us the time necessary to prepare your home for your return.

You may use our website to complete and send this form to our office online, fax to 760-568-0101, or scan and send by email.

We have several important service suggestions for your consideration. Please call our office to request an estimate or schedule service.

Roof, Downspout, Gutter and Drain Cleaning. We strongly suggest that you arrange to have your roof, downspouts, gutters, and drains flushed out and cleared of accumulated falling leaves and debris. This small preventive step can avoid future problems of rain water build up on your roof or back up in your drainage system, which could lead to a major leak in the house.

Daylight Savings. The time change will occur on Sunday, November 6. This change serves as a reminder that the Fire Marshall recommends replacing your smoke detector, carbon monoxide alarm, and thermostat batteries at least yearly and replace the actual smoke detectors every 3 years to keep the detectors operative and functioning properly. We can also change batteries in your TV and garage door remotes. It is recommended that landscape lights be adjusted to account for the shift in daylight hours. In addition, Premier Residential Services can perform an interior/exterior light check to identify and replace burnt out light bulbs and non-functioning photo cells.

Tile Cleaning. Let us know if you would like to have tile cleaning services scheduled or an estimate for cleaning prior to your arrival.

Exterior House, Garage Door, and Entry Gate Painting. The summer sun and desert weather amplify the need to protect and preserve the exterior of your desert home. Experts recommend that at least every 5-8 years the exterior requires attention. Also, it is recommended to have yearly operational maintenance services for your garage doors. Contact your Client Services Associate to arrange for a proposal or to schedule maintenance service.