House Cleaning Services: Four Questions To Ask Before You Hire One

February 10, 2017

questions for residential cleaning serviceFinding the right housekeeping service is an important task. After all, these are people you are inviting into your home, often without you present, and asking them to clean up after you and your family.

You want to find a team that you trust, is thoroughly vetted, and can perform the tasks you ask for without constantly checking in on them.

Here are four questions you want to answer when evaluating a house cleaning service.

  1. Can You Trust Them in Your Home?
  2. Your primary concern should be finding a service company that you trust. You don’t want to hire a team with whom you don’t feel comfortable giving them your key or alarm code. Nor do you want to hire a cleaner that causes you to check your valuables after each visit.

    You can gauge a cleaner’s trustworthiness by doing several things:

    • Ask for references from current and past customers.
    • Check their online reviews (Yelp and Google are good places to start).
    • Ask about their hiring and vetting process and procedures to ensure your home’s security.
    • Some professional cleaners will provide a dedicated housekeeper to you, so you’ll be able to build a relationship with one person. Ask if they can do that for you.

  3. Are They Professional?
  4. Many self-employed cleaners and franchise housekeepers do not meet the standards of professionalism that other service companies have established. Some basic indicators that can demonstrate a high level of professionalism include:

    • Does the company carry liability insurance?
    • Do they bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment?
    • Do their housekeepers wear a uniform?
    • Do they require an in-home personal meeting before starting the service?

  5. Does Attention to Detail Matter?
  6. The difference between a good and a great cleaning company lies in the details. You want a housekeeping company that consistently cleans your home well and that cares about the fine details of caring for your home.

    You can point out specific areas you want cleaned during an initial meeting. This may be high-traffic areas, places where clutter can gather, a guest room, or hard-to-reach spots. Your cleaning company should make notes about these areas so they receive proper attention.

  7. Are They Willing to Clean According to Your Requests?
  8. Any good house cleaning company will clean how you want your home to be cleaned. Many services use a cookie-cutter approach and don’t care much about what you want.

    The initial walk-through is critical. The housekeeper should be willing to meet you at your home and ready to note details about each room and your cleaning preferences. Next, they should create a custom work order based on your cleaning specifications for a consistent job every time.

    Also, find out if they can accommodate special requests. This might include using green cleaning supplies to special cleanings before or after an event. Any good housekeeper should fit into your schedule, fulfill your requests, and make your life easier.

How Can a House Cleaning Service Go the Extra Mile?

Custom house cleaning services are flexible enough to provide your every housekeeping need. In addition to the common household cleaning tasks, see if your cleaning company can provide these add-on tasks:

  • Ironing
  • Organize closets and clothing
  • Polish silverware and copper doors
  • Clean out refrigerator every week
  • Organize pantry
  • Serve refreshments at private parties
  • Seasonal home opening and closing services