Maintaining Your Home During Desert Summers

June 27, 2017

palm springs, california
As the summer starts and temperatures rise to 120 degrees, we get calls from homeowners like you who are concerned about how the high temperatures will impact their desert home. Whether you are staying in the Coachella Valley for the summer or not, you want to make sure your home is protected from the varying temperatures and humidity changes we see during June through August.

Here are 3 areas that the summer weather can affect your home’s exterior and interior.

1. Dry Heat

While our dry heat may make summer more enjoyable than more humid climates, it can cause damage to your home if you do not take the proper precautions. Low humidity can cause wood furniture, walls, and floors to crack. Installing a humidifier or placing hydration containers around your house can help maintain humidity levels. Art and wine collections that require precise humidity and temperature controls will need specific systems to protect them during the summer. And appliance manufacturers recommend Coachella Valley residents replace their washing machine’s rubber water hose and gaskets every 18 months.

2. Prolonged Sun Exposure

When the sun bakes down on your home, it can cause dry rot and damage to surfaces. This is especially true for exterior doors, windows, and patio furniture. Your home’s sun-facing sides will need to be checked for sun damage and have weatherstripping and caulk replaced if it is dried out. Patio furniture can be refinished or repainted and stowed when you are away.

3. Dust and Sand

Summer windstorms coat all exterior surfaces with a fine coat of sand and dust. Proper weatherstripping on garage and exterior doors can keep the dust from entering your home. Regular maintenance visits can wash dust and dirt from your home’s exterior. If you have solar panels, desert sand can negatively affect your system’s energy production; we offer a solar cleaning service that cleans and maintains your solar array all summer long.


Protect Your Home This Summer with Home Watch

If your home will be vacant this summer, consider signing up for our Home Watch Service. Our staff will perform weekly inspections to ensure your home is protected – even during excessive heat waves. If we identify an issue with you home, we will contact you and schedule repairs. This summer is also the best time to schedule maintenance and necessary home improvements. Schedule your carpet & upholstery cleaning, HVAC upgrades, and handyman services now so that your home is ready when you return.