7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Concierge Service

September 21, 2017

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Balancing your to-do list, chores, and errands can be a stressful, time consuming process. Fortunately, professional concierge service companies can remove the stress by helping you finish your to-do list.

From helping you with your schedule and arranging transportation, to taking care of shopping and dozens of errands both big and small, a concierge can make your time at your desert home more enjoyable.

But like hiring a handyman or home cleaning service, you need to do your research before hiring a concierge.

Here are 7 questions to ask when selecting a home concierge service in the Coachella Valley.

Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring A Concierge Service

    1. Do they provide 24/7 support?

You want to gauge how responsive they will be to unexpected or unplanned requests that may occur during off hours, weekends, and while you are away from your home. If a natural disaster or emergency occurs, how fast will they respond to check on your home?

    1. Are they familiar with the local area?

Here in the Coachella Valley, there are ample fine restaurants, shopping, and local attractions. You want to hire a concierge that knows the area well and can make suggestions and subsequently arrangements for you and your family. A concierge provides great value when they learn your tastes and schedule and can make the best recommendations for restaurants and local events

    1. Do they have a good reputation?

Talk to friends or neighbors who have used the concierge service before about their experience. Are they difficult to work with? Did they have communication issues? You can also check online reviews on GoogleFacebook, and Yelp to learn more about the company before you hire them.

    1. Do they have the support to assist with multiple and/or larger projects?

The goal of retaining a concierge is to make your life easier; don’t hire one that becomes more of a burden during a larger project. Ask about their organization, communication, and project management skills. If a larger request requires outside support or a subcontractor – like a home repair – ask them how they manage communication and work between all parties.

    1. Do they have the experience to meet all of your miscellaneous requests?

Ideally, you would find a concierge that’s flexible and willing to adapt to all of your needs. No job or request is too small. Provide them with a sample list of to-dos and errands and ask them if they can handle the requests. Hiring the right concierge should make your life easier, so you can enjoy more of your time in the Coachella Valley.

    1. Do they hold a professional presence within the local community?

There are several independent contractors and individuals in the Palm Desert community who provide concierge services; they often cannot offer the same level of service as larger personal service companies. Professional service companies have the resources and training to meet your needs discreetly and while safeguarding your privacy.

    1. Is the concierge assistant covered by adequate liability and workers compensation insurance?

Every member of the concierge team should be covered by liability and workers compensation insurance, protecting you in case they get injured while in your home. If a concierge does not have this coverage, we do not recommend hiring them.