Before You Leave Your Home for the Summer

April 6, 2011

As a reminder, please let us know when you plan to depart the valley for the summer. In anticipation of arranging to close up your residence for the summer period, please request a copy of Premier Residential Service’s Summer Home Closing Checklist. Take a moment to review this form and then check off the items that you would like Premier Residential Services to schedule to close your home for the summer. Please remember to include your name, address and approximate departure date before returning the checklist to us by mail, email or fax (our fax number is 760-568-0101). Also advise us of any changes that have been made (e.g. new alarm or alarm monitoring company; new water shut-off or vehicle or golf cart changes).

We are pleased to provide the following service suggestions for your consideration.

  1. Misting System Annual Service – As the temperatures begin to rise, those clients with misting systems should have them serviced prior to use. Like any mechanical system, to obtain peak performance it is always wise to schedule a yearly preventive maintenance service. The service includes the cleaning of all nozzles; changing the pump oil; replacing all filters; flushing & draining the system of residual water, and a thorough system inspection. If you would like to add misters to your patio, Premier Residential Services can also arrange to provide a proposal for the installation of a new system.
  2. Hot Water Tank Service – If you have not had your hot water tank(s) drained and flushed, now is an opportune time to schedule service. Regular periodic service not only can extend the life of the tank(s) but also allow the unit to operate more efficiently, saving money and energy. If your service cabinet platform is in need of repair, Premier Residential Services can also assist with that task.
  3. Mineral Deposit Cleaning – The high mineral content of the desert’s water supply creates a cloudy look to the glass in your bathrooms and throughout your home. In addition, faucets, shower heads and aerators become clogged and discolored, creating reduced water flow and inadequate shower pressure. Premier Residential Services can remove the “hard water” stains from your glass as well as clean mineral deposits from fixtures and clean out the aerator screens to increase the water flow. Contact the office to arrange for service.
  4. Water Shut-Off Systems – If you are concerned about leaks in your home, several of our plumbing vendors are now offering the installation of water shut-off systems. If you are interested in receiving a proposal, contact our office.