11 Tips for New Homeowners in the Coachella Valley

March 9, 2015

California Desert HomeThe unique climate of California’s Coachella Valley makes it a great place to own a home. The climate also means that homes in this area require some maintenance tasks that you may not be accustomed to or expect.

Here are 11 tips for keeping your new home safe, secure, and trouble-free for many years to come. These tips are based on years of experience of local professionals in the handyman, house cleaning, home management, and home watch industries.

  1. A/C Maintenance
    The prolonged summer heat takes a high toll on air conditioners. Have your home’s HVAC system serviced every three to six months.
  2. Pest Control
    Insects and rodents are a potential problem year-round. Arrange for monthly interior/exterior pest control services.
  3. Low Humidity
    Indoor conditions of low humidity and high heat can cause wooden furniture, floors, and picture frames to crack. Place hydration containers (large open containers filled with water) throughout your home to help maintain humidity levels, especially during the summer months.
  4. Earthquake Damage
    Minor earthquakes can cause the foundation of a home to shift, and since water pipes are usually built into the foundation, these pipes can crack. Arrange to have your home checked within 72 hours of an earthquake for signs of leaks or other damage.
  5. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    California law now requires that all homes install carbon monoxide alarms near each sleeping space and on each floor level. A variety of alarm models are available, including ones that plug in to electrical receptacles and include a battery backup.
  6. Hard Water
    Hard water residue builds up in hot water tanks. Flush these tanks a minimum of twice a year to reduce this buildup and maintain proper functioning of your water heater.
  7. Storm Water Runoff
    Negligent roof and drainage system maintenance can lead to potential water damage problems during the rainy season. Be sure to have these systems completely cleaned and inspected every autumn.
  8. Fire Hazard
    Lint can build up in dryer vents and exhaust systems, leading to danger of fire. Have the lint buildup completely removed at least once a year.
  9. Vegetation Care
    Overgrown fruit trees and vegetation can lead to insect and rodent problems. Keep vegetation trimmed and collect fallen fruits and debris.
  10. Sprinkler Heads and Mister System Nozzles
    Hard water can also cause landscape sprinkler heads and exterior mister system nozzles to clog, which can lead both to loss of landscaping and to water damage. Check and clean sprinkler heads periodically.
  11. Vehicle Tires
    The Desert’s severe summer heat can cause damage to vehicle and golf cart tires and batteries. Inspect tires, check tire pressure, and battery water levels regularly.

For further information on these suggestions and additional new homeowner cautions, contact Premier Residential Services at
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